K : Keep

My mosaic site went down a few days ago because I didn’t renew the domain.  This happened to coincide with Ingrid’s niece learning about mosaics in school, and I heard that she wanted to see what was on the site.  I decided I’d move the photos into an album on this blog for her, which was something I had been thinking about doing anyway.

Somewhat problematically for this purpose, I got a new computer when I moved. I would either have to find the back-up cd of the files from my old computer, or put together the old behemoth.  I thought finding the back-up disc would be easier, so I started digging through a few boxes of junk I’d never got around to unpacking. 

After about 45 minutes, I still hadn’t found the cd but I’d found a bunch of artifacts that made my heart skip a few beats.  Things like Valentine’s love coupons I’d made one year, anniversary cards marked up with silly conversation bubbles in the way we we used to do, little notes from the dog walker, notes to each other, random snapshots.  Evidence: It wasn’t always so fucked up.

Don’t know why I moved those things.  Probably the same reason I packed it all neatly back into the boxes then re-stacked them in my bedroom closet.

What do you think?

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