O : Optional

One time Suresh told me his theory of mountain climbing as it relates to work.  That is, you are either climbing the mountain or you’re camping on it.  Climbing is preferrable. If you’re camping, that’s fine, but you better have a good reason for it.  The point was, he didn’t think my reasons for camping were very solid.  It was around the time I almost moved to that other job, but didn’t.

I actually think my reasons for continuing to camp on the mountain made a lot of sense.  I’m going to stand by that decision not to take that job.  I didn’t have a crystal ball to tell me that all the reasons I didn’t take it weren’t going to exist in a few years.

Reality: Those reasons do not exist now.  There’s no kid, or mortgage that I need to look out for.  So wtf is the point of camping?  Camping is security, but climbing is challenge and learning, getting excited about something. 

My job is not doing much for me, and to be honest, I am not doing much for it.  We’d probably both be happier if I climbed another mountain.  If I’ve learned anything over the last twelve months, it’s that everything is optional.  My job is optional.  My job is the last tenuous thread of my old life.  It will be the scariest, hardest thing to change but really it’s just an option, like everything else. 

What do you think?

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