P : Pie

I wait to be called in for my second and last therapy appointment following the Big Announcement.  I pretend to read but in actual fact I just sit there, scratching a hangnail until it bleeds, eavesdropping on the two receptionists.  In a few minutes I’ll get kicked out of therapy and I’ll leave in much worse shape than I entered.  But I don’t know that yet.

"There," says Receptionist A, after pushing some paper around, "Easy as pie."

Receptionist B narrows her eyes at Receptionist A. "That’s the stupidest expression I’ve ever heard.  Everyone knows pie isn’t that easy to make."


2 thoughts on “P : Pie

  1. I’m a bit annoyed that I keep barfing this stuff up all over here when I don’t really feel all that sad about it anymore. But there it is anyway.
    Thanks for checking in Joolie – I’ve had some things to mail you for quite awhile, but I’m such a retard I haven’t done it yet.

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