S : Station, Danforth


This is Danforth GO Station earlier today.  This was my commute home base for two years while we lived in the little house on Morton.  The little house on Morton was a place that was pretty happy. 

I have some friends who live further east on this line.  I have to pass through to get to them.  I catch the train downtown; Danforth is the first stop.  Approaching Danforth, I always torture myself by observing Stephenson Park, which is visible from the train.  I used to run Chloe there.  Approaching Danforth, I always start some snivelling or at least something horrible knots up in my throat.

On Wednesday, I filed the rest of my divorce paperwork with the Court.  I will wait patiently for four to six weeks to be granted a Divorce Order. 31 days later, I will be divorced.

Today I approached Danforth.  I felt a cold apprehension creep into my chest as the train hurtled past the park.  It was full of sunshine, dogs and kids.  The train came to its slow halt inside the station.  I felt okay.      

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