T : Type

Paraphrasing something a friend said earlier this week:

I’d like to be the type of woman who goes to the beach, lays out a blanket, opens up a bottle of wine and reads LITERATURE and everyone who walks by thinks, "She’s so smart and sophisticated."

I wondered what type of woman I’d like to be. 

I’d like to be the type of woman you see effortlessly riding around Queen West or the Market on her cute cruiser bike.  She wears a flouncy skirt and funky glasses, doesn’t even break a sweat.  She has a really cool messenger bag and there’s probably something super interesting in her wicker bicycle basket.  A thick book or some fancy ingredients for dinner perhaps, or maybe some eco-friendly cleaning products. 

Well, why not?  I have a cute cruiser bike.  My friend has sophistication to spare.  I think we’re probably already our types, in beta version.

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