W : Where

We could never decide on where to go.  So, we didn’t go.  Anywhere.  Well, we did.  We had family out of town.  We spent our vacation days attending them.  I never thought this was ideal, but it’s the thing to do when you have family out of town.  People always said, "I don’t know how you can do that all the time" but really, it’s just something you have to do.

It was a crutch for not having to decide on something together.  He wanted Disney.  She said hell no.  They put a band-aid on the situation, and went camping.  Still, she kept saying NO until finally she became so desperate to go somewhere that she said, Fine, Disney.  If it will make you happy.  And it became apparent that she wasn’t going to have to go. 

Now, some ground has to be caught up.  Thinking:  If my job is optional, turning me into something inhuman, throwing herself into bed the second she gets home just to stay moderately functional … then maybe my job should take me places.  Two birds with one stone.  Maybe. 

Today, I planned to go to New York with Ingrid.

2 thoughts on “W : Where

    I hope you love New York even half as much as I do, and if you can get in when the weather is good, it’s beautiful in Spring. Have a great time!

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