House of Rejects and Misfits

First, there's me.  We know that story.

Next, there's Poco.  Reject, runt of the litter, and who really wants boring a grey tabby cat?  That's how I ended up with him.  I thought I was picking up a calico cat.  Never trust an old lady who tells you, "just give me the box and I'll get the cat for you, wait here."

Then Stella.  Kevin's unloved cat.

And, I don't love the idea of having another cat.  I really don't.  Two cats is already one too many.  But I can't turn out the pretty girl who looked after me, the first week I was on my own.

2 thoughts on “House of Rejects and Misfits

  1. Not yet … but I sorta said I’d take her. What a wuss. Can you say, “crazy cat lady?” Not sure when she will take up residence. Ahhhhhh!

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