I’m 32



Clover and Leslie Blow out Candles (video)

[As transcribed by Tonya]

Where the conversation went when the children went home:

Lisa: Yes, I'd say you two have some major man problems.
Wes: We should just become cum-swapping cousins.
Les: What the hell are you going to "do" for me?
Lisa: Honey, he's not going to do anything for you, but at least you'll both have stability.

5 thoughts on “I’m 32

  1. Happy birthday! I am trying to keep an open mind as I poke through that website, but phrases like “In some cultures, the term cousin and mate are synonymous” are not really convincing.

  2. OMG I finally watched that video!!! That was the cutest thing ever! Clover is so sweet! And the digital video quality was pretty amazing too!

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