In an effort to avoid making eye contact with others who were in the elevator down with me earlier, I was reading some stock information on one of those little televisions.  The TVs were only recently installed in in my office tower elevators and in all fairness, I didn’t need to look at it to avoid eye contact with anyone, because everyone else is always looking at them anyway.

The thing I hate about these televisions (aside from the fact that they exist at all) is that they will often play the same loop of information for literally weeks on end.  Three weeks from now, that stupid television will still be telling me how much money Batman made in its opening weekend.

So I was looking at it, and across the bottom, ticker-style, I noticed something new.  It said:

You are watching Captive TV!

Which I thought was totally awesome!  So apt!  Then I squinted at it because I really need new glasses and in fact it said, “Captivate TV.”

(But I like Captive TV better).

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