I went to the mall to get new glasses.  I am certain I could have picked out a pair of frames on my own but I accepted the assistance of a cute guy anyway.  We discussed jujitsu, the depiction of the phoenix in flight and at rest, the Monroe piercing and the coincidence that we had the same cell phone, with scratches on the display in the same location (ie. on the display).

Then I had an hour to kill.  So I went and bought a betta fish

I started thinking about that conversation I'd had with Evan and Tonya last year when we went strawberry picking.  I don't remember how I came to say it, but I said, I'm going to go to Peru.  I had not thought of Peru since that day.  I wondered why.  I went to the book store and bought Spanish lessons on cd. 

I was going to get the Glasses Guy to name the betta fish.  But he was on his lunch or something. 

At home, I made a chickpea salad while the betta fish acclimatized to the temperature of his new environment.  Then I took my chickpea salad and I met Kathleen, Evan and Harsh for a picnic dinner and Shakespeare in High Park.

Evan named the betta fish, "Todd".

What do you think?

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