good start

Someone I know left a sticky note near my keyboard that says, "You look very nice today", with a little smiley face drawn at the end.

Last week was bad.  Maybe this week will be better.

3 thoughts on “good start

  1. Number 1, that betta fish looks like Elton John. That fish is a total flamer.
    Number 2, no one needs to be talking about their dog’s johnson. That just seems weird to me.
    Number 3, someone is hot for you in the office. I mean, did you really look nice? If you did, then maybe… If you just looked the same, someone is hot for you.

  2. Hey, that fish is just trying to express himself!
    I think the guy just got confused by my new glasses and new bangs. He thought I was Velma Dinkley!

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