On Wednesday I went to the Farmer's Market at Nathan Phillips Square with Kathleen and Emily.  Since then, I've been eating a lot of beets.  I've also learned that I am the bearer of an extra special double recessive gene: 

"The red colour of the beetroot does not come from carotenes, but from anthocyanin pigments. Betacyanin and betaxanthin are the water soluble red betalain pigments in beets, becoming more intensely red when such acids as lemon juice or vinegar are added, or turn slightly blue in such an alkaline solution as baking soda and water. The ability to metabolize the betacyanins and betaxanthins is genetic. People with two recessive genes for this trait cannot break down these red pigments and, therefore, will excrete them, causing the urine and feces to turn a bright red."

3 thoughts on “I_Heart_Genetics

  1. Wowee! I bet that was startling. I’ve read the asparagus pee smell–or at least the ability to detect the asparagus pee smell–is also genetic. I don’t know what causes people to think their shit doesn’t stink, but I think that’s a case of nurture, not nature.

  2. LMAO! So while I was peeing florescent yellow from my vitamins yesterday, you were beside me peeing red!!! Oh what a pair!

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