We look cute in hoods anyway, Dickhead.

It was pissing rain when Fahrin and I left our tap class last night and neither of us had brought an umbrella.

"Oh, no!  I have such a cute red umbrella, but it's AT HOME!" exclaimed Fahrin, at the same time a cute guy appeared in the vestibule.

The guy looked over, smiled at us and said, "I have mine."  Time was suspended briefly as I truly thought we were about to have a crazy romantic movie moment, where the tall, handsome stranger asks the beautiful girl (Fahrin) to share his umbrella.  I swear to God, I even heard an orchestra.

He pushed open the door, flipped up his umbrella and took off.  Our heads swiveled toward each other in silent disbelief. 

"That guy totally wasted his op."

"Whatever, that's what hoods are for." 

We adjusted our bangs and our hoods and set off into the shining, wet streets too.

5 thoughts on “We look cute in hoods anyway, Dickhead.

  1. Kristal, are you kidding ME? There are tons of adult tap classes in the city!! Mine is downtown, a couple blocks from work (hey, you still work down here right?) … or what about Vince Parrell at Main/Danforth? Tap it out, sister!

  2. I’m still across the street from you – I’m a regular at the Chapters at FCP. Are you at the City Centre Dance School at Spadina? I always forget to register in time for VP’s. I have nearly 11 years of tap training in my little feet. You’re inspiring me!

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