"I have a friend who has endometriosis but I don't know much about adenomyosis.  Her doctor told her he didn't think she could have kids but her daughter is now 1 1/2 yrs old so I guess anything is possible."

My own doctor said, "Today's fertility treatments are very advanced."

I believe that anything is possible, and today's fertility treatments are very advanced.  But I have no relationship to speak of, and I am already 32.

5 thoughts on “Maybe

  1. My Sister had given up at 32. She thought, she’d never find Mister Right, so why bother looking? Shortly after that revelation, she met Bill. At 34 she had her first child, her second at 36. She’s now 38 and happier then I’ve ever seen her.
    Anything is possible.

  2. 32 is the new 22!!! Lots of time for you sweetie……….it will happen when you least expect it……he is out there waiting for you (how could he not be?!) 🙂

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