Scramble w/ Wes

– I want to cross diagonally!  Let's cross diagonally!
– Oh yes, let's!  I haven't crossed diagonally yet!
– OMG, this feels wrong.  This is weird, I don't like it.
– Gah, it DOES feel wrong.
– It's dirty, wash it off.

[As an aside, if they don't replace that Visit Pennsylvania billboard in Dundas Square soon, I am going to break somebody's face.  I don't need PA to stop existing, but if it could stop reminding me it's there, I'd appreciate it.  Maybe we could try advertising some Canadian vacation destinations?  Just a thought.  How about Moose Jaw?  Never wanted to go to Moose Jaw?  Maybe if there was a giant goddamn video billboard in Dundas Square reminding you about it constantly, you would.]

What do you think?

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