Let’s Get to Work!

A couple of friends have been applying peer pressure on me to try online dating.  I've thought about it before, but I didn't do it.  I'm not that interested frankly, and less than a week ago I told Ingrid that I was "completely done" with seeing people for the moment.  I've gotten myself into enough hot messes this summer, and I have too many other things to deal with right now, so forget it.  Right, so anyway, as insomnia will do, around 4:00 am this morning creating a profile began seeming like a really great idea. 

About two seconds after my profile became active people started trying to live chat with me.  I wasn't too into that, so I went back to bed.  This morning I checked my Gmail and there were several notifications from the site alerting me to messages I'd received and that some people had "added me as a favourite", whatever that means. 

I did not deem any of the messages I received while I was sleeping to be particularly interesting with the notable exception of this one, from 24 year-old, "TongueDrums":

I am here looking for a discreet, NSA relationship with a woman who can host and who needs someone in their life for some GOOD sex. I love giving oral, and will spoil a lucky lady off this site with my love for it. So if you are in a relationship in need of some attention, or just single and haven't had the orgasm you crave in a long time, message me and lets get to work! If i find someone off this site, i will delete my account, so girls, message me!

Should hook him up with the lady from the library.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Get to Work!

  1. Oh my!
    I had so much fun internet dating… mainly, because I hadn’t dated in seven years and it was great practice!! But… just like at a bar or anywhere else, there’s always freaks!
    Oh – and a side note, just between you me and the internet, my Sister met her Husband on an internet dating site 😉

  2. T is an excellent secret keeper 🙂 Which site did you go through? I could never find a decent photo to post so most times I cancelled my profile before it was complete.

  3. I swore by Lavalife… it was so much fun! Like on-line shopping! But, that was six years ago so I’m not sure if the site is still as user friendly…
    The internet always keeps my secrets!

  4. Not only is Theresa an excellent secret-keeper, she’s also very subtle. K – it’s the one with FISH in the title. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay for something I don’t actually give a crap about.

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