I went to hang out with an old friend and a new friend last night, and the competition thing went out the window. 

I was completely onboard with throwing it out the window, I was having a great time, until the end of the night when I found out my friend had taken his mom to see Leonard Cohen, not me.

I guess this wouldn't be much of a big deal to most people.  His girlfriend didn't like LC, and his mom did, so that's reasonable right?  Except that we'd had multiple conversations about going together.  Before he had a girlfriend.  He'd wanted me to go with a bunch of people in a "Cohen Orgy" and I was like, for fuck's sake, this has been our thing for years, can it not just be our goddamn thing???

He doesn't remember that, he says. 

I just spent 10 minutes trying to find the post where I talked about it in the first place, before the stupid fucking tickets went on sale.  I can't find it, so maybe I deleted it, or it self-destructed, or something.  Maybe I imagined writing it.  And now I'm going to be late for work.

It's not worth the time to look for anyway.  I know we had the conversations, and proving it isn't going to change the fundamental problem: We fucking suck as friends.

So.  Whatever.

What do you think?

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