1597-1599 Bathurst


This building with the green awnings comprises 1597-1599 Bathurst Street and is notable because Ernest Hemingway let one of the apartments at 1599 during the 1920s when he wrote for the Star.  It's approximately a two second walk from my own apartment, and was one of the first things Lisa pointed out to me about this neighbourhood.  Presumably, 'cause she knew it would be exactly the kind of thing that would cause me to geek out and love this place / my new life even more.

I read* that he wrote to Gertrude Stein, "we have a corking new apartment on a ravine where the town leaves off into the country sunny, a fine stretch of fine country, a hill that you can ski down … "

It's not the country here anymore but there is still a fine hill (now bridged, you can walk down it via a staircase) and a fine ravine.

* Canadian Literary Landmarks, John Robert Colombo

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