cut the cord?

I just had to look up my home phone number in the contact database at work because I couldn't remember it.  Completely blank.  I'm thinking this means I am either a) clinically insane or b) it's time to start saving 60 bux a month by cancelling it and going entirely wireless. 

Honestly, I bet most people don't even know I have a landline.  Nobody really calls me on it (except my Dad).  People just assume I'm not there and call my cell (even my Mom calls my cell).  I don't bother giving out my home number anymore either, because it is, in fact, pretty much a pointless endeavour to call me there. 

I know there's that whole argument about, well, you should keep your landline because if there's a disaster you can't rely on the cell phone systems to work.  On the other hand, there's a phone booth right outside my apartment and I do have a good friend living in the building whose phone I could use in a catastrophe.

Yeah.  I dunno.  I've been having this fucking phone conversation with myself for about a year now.  Please help.

6 thoughts on “cut the cord?

  1. When I got back from Europe…I tried to call your home phone and it seemed disconnected…perhaps I didn’t even HAVE the right number? All I know is that I deleted it from my phone so you can go ahead and cancel the service 😉 LOL

  2. Hehehe. Whoops. Wonder what happened there? And there was also that time when I let the voicemail fill up with telemarketer hangups and Kellie became convinced that I was dead, poor thing.

  3. I will always hold onto a land line. And not VoIP or cable phone, but an honest to goodness Bell landline.
    My suggestion is to cancel everything on it except the line itself, and maybe voicemail.
    More benefits – less wear on your cell phone and probably less damage to your brain.

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