Embroidered Text Messages


I saw these embroidered texts linked on Mighty Girl.  I love texts.  I love embroidery.  Obviously, I think these are genius.  I like the idea of turning something digital, untouchable and private into something tangible and public.

Imagining someone sitting up at night stitching away at any of these recent gems of mine warms my heart:

"I've got to find a link re pre-cum."
"It is sunny and it's book club day!"
"Omg, I just bought condoms for the 1st time.  I dunno if I feel empowered or traumatized."
"You can't remember anything when it comes to me.  I hate you so much right now."
"Time to get trashed."
"And do not ever give me that bs kiss shit again if you want fully functional testes."
"I always think you're wonderful, even when I'm not drunk. Xo."

Some received texts I would embroider (if I weren't so lazy, and it wasn't ripping off someone else's idea):

"No training to it.  Just run."
"Ah the sweetness is going to make my phone throw up."
"Wanna go 2 NYC?"
"I want toast"
"Last night in PEI – you should come out here on a manhunt…snag yourself a yummy fisherman!"
"You are hot.  It's okay 2 admit it.  I admit it 2 myself all the time.  I'm surprised I don't set off my fire alarm most days."
"Hi Kit.  Just wanted u to know I'm thinkin of you and love u tons xo"
"Let's go for a drink after we get out of here."
"Blame and sue Whitestone School.  That's my plan."
"Wookies can suck my dick"
"Just me reminding you that you are an asshole."
"Hey imagine this is a dirty and suggestive text message even though it's not."

I guess texts that make me laugh / feel loved are off-base of Ginger Anyhow's original art project, which is touching and sad … but I had fun thinking about it anyway.

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