I thought I would check in with my list.  Maybe I should have checked in with it a little earlier so I'd still have a good chunk of time to address the items I'd lagged on, but overall, I'm pleased with the status of my resolutions.

In 2008, I resolved to:

Learn to use chopsticks.
It's kind of ugly, as Ray pointed out ("Leslie, do you need a fork?") during Evan's birthday dim sum, but I'm not starving to death at the end of the meal, so I'm counting it.

Drink more milk.
I now drink milk almost every day.  I am less freakishly concerned about the condition of my bones. 

Practice more yoga.
This is a funny joke.  When I wrote it, I meant I'd practice twice a week as opposed to once.  Somehow, I didn't practice ANY yoga this year.  I did take up running and two kinds of dancing, which is something, but I need yoga to control anxiety and migraines. 

Read more books.
I've read 12 books so far this year, which isn't as many as I would have liked to read.  But considering I made this resolution because I'd only managed to read 3 books during the year of the split and continued to have a difficult time sitting still through 2008, I think this is a significant improvement. 

Paint more.
Joke.  Try again next year. 

Make something with my sewing machine.
I made two softies and a skirt.

Start cooking again.
Less of a joke than yoga and painting, but I did not cook enough for it to become a habit, so a failing grade on this one too.

Finalize my divorce.
My divorce was final on May 19.

I will grow.
I started running, tapping, bellydance and applied to be counsellor at a summer camp for kids with cancer.  These are all things I would have considered impossible before this year.  Now I am trying to keep an open heart with someone, even though it is the scariest thing in the world to me at the moment.  Growing is never finished, but I think this was a pretty good start.

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