Last night I was laying in my bed trying to read.  I couldn't concentrate, kept reading the same words over and over again until I noticed my ears were ringing.  I couldn't tell how long they had been ringing for, just that I had finally become aware of it and it was a relieft to have noticed.  Once I became aware of the ringing, I gave up trying to read and went to sleep.

All day today sound came to me strangely.  I walked through the underground PATH system and I saw the same numbers of people I always see, and I could hear all the noises I usually hear, but they were all affected by a hush, as if everything were carpetted.  Sound was deadened, or even completely detached from it's source.  Noise from a television in front of me might seem like it was coming at me from my side or behind me. 

If you saw the draft of my 2009 resolutions you might note, "learn sign language" in the number one slot.  Ummm, but I didn't mean I actually wanted to go deaf though. 

3 thoughts on “Wha?

  1. You’ve just described every day of my life for the past year. The hearing loss from when I was a kid, the rining since December of 2007.
    I learned to read lips instead. It’s amazing what you can pick up from that little talent! haha
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Every freaking day since last year! You learn to tune it out for the most part. Mine’s permanent, or unless I completely lose the hearing in my right ear. And if that’s not enough, I get vertigo to boot. I have meds to treat the vertigo (help prevent it), but everything else is here to stay.
    Hopefully yours is only temporary! Have you been to the doctor yet?

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