grass stains on my knees for you

Bruises (Chairlift).  I think this song became an iPod ad, which is annoying, but whatever.

– I've been on vacation this week.
– I purchased and wore the smallest jeans I've ever owned.
– I went to visit Trisha.  It was awesome.
– I improved my run speed two days in a row.
– I met Fahrin for dinner at a new favourite place.
– I dealt with residual divorce issues (read: met with and paid more $$ to lawyers)
– I had a nice lunch with April.
– I got Christmas wishes in the mail and finished shopping.
– I started but couldn't be bothered completing refinishing my kitchen chairs.
– I thought about whether I would move in to Lisa's apartment when she leaves.
– I don't know the answer.
– I painted.
– I read.
– I lost someone special. 
– I'm glad I tried, even if it hurts.
– I planned on a yoga class today and a visit to Leeanne.
– But I am hanging around home, watching the snow
– It was a great week, mostly.
– I'd like it all a lot better if I weren't so sad.

What do you think?

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