So, I did what every girl does in an emotional crisis.

I cleaned.  The kitchen.  It was a bad scene in there.  I can't even remember the last time I saw the top of my table.  But now it's good.  I might even spend time in there cooking (ha-ha-ha).

For real though, I'm going to bake.  Since it's Christmas, and all that.  And I happened to find all the ingredients for macaroons when I cleaned out the cupboards.  Trisha had sent me home with a bucket of cookies the other day, including macaroons (from my recipe!) and fuck me, they were really good.

Then I made something.  Clean space = creative fingers.  I should try to remember that.


I can't figure out how to take good pictures of these boxes.  That gold circle used to be one of my favourite earrings until it self-destructed.  Paul asked me what kind of reception I got with them.  (Pretty good).  Now it's in a Christmas present.


I liked that advice from 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff': If someone throws you the ball, you don't have to catch it. 

And after a certain amount of clarification, the news that made me clean doesn't seem as tragic as I previously thought.  Time will tell, or something like that.  But it's nice to have a clean kitchen, anyway.

5 thoughts on “So, I did what every girl does in an emotional crisis.

  1. I don’t clean much either. Makes me think I should have more emotional crises.
    And, if I’m gonna be honest, I spent the first day (ok, 2 days) stuffing myself with candy until finally I was like, “dammit, I just bought those new jeans …” THAT’s when I started cleaning.

  2. That’s beautiful.
    It’s a lot easier to act on ideas when there’s a place to do it. There are so many reasons not to, and “I’d have to clean my desk off first” is my very favorite.

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