Hello, 2009

New Year's Eve was avoiding the clamour with a friend, and missing it entirely while we made a snack.  It was not noisy or fancy or glittery or dancy or drunk.  It was quiet and safe and warm and on the last day of the year, exactly where I wanted (maybe needed) to be.

Then breakfast cooked for me, and a nap before Gary and Stephen's New Year's Day party.  And lattes, dinner and 'The L Word' with L and V … going to bed exhausted and loved.

In 2009:

Do yoga
Run 10K
Learn sign language
Stay hydrated
Eat enough protein
Get a real banner for this stupid blog
Read the paper
Make painting a priority
Be more assertive
Write letters
Give blood
Call my Grandmothers
Get to work on time
Go swimming
Docket my billable hours
Become level C first aid/rescuer certified
Care for friends I neglected in 2008
Take risks

Happy New Year.

6 thoughts on “Hello, 2009

  1. I may be able to help you cross the blog banner item off of your list. I’m not a super duper talented graphics designer, but I do make all the banners for my own blog.
    Any idea what you want and what size you need?

  2. I’ll be down with the learning sign language with you. I took two courses in university, but that was over 10 years ago and I’ve been thinking about brushing up on my skills.

  3. I love your list. All those things are fun (except maybe getting to work on time), and it’s all go and do and make, not stop or quit or cut back. Happy 2009!

  4. I really love Joolie’s point…these are all positive actions and although I never have a list of resolutions…your list really makes me think I should write one up! Thanks for the inspiration darlin’!

  5. Michelle – Are you for serious?!
    Paprika – Let’s do it. All I know is “Stop that” from the night we measured how tall we all were. I must say, I do enjoy employing it whenever possible.
    Thanks Joolie and Ingie – I really wanted it to be a positive list. Fuck cutting back! I never used to do resolutions, but I found setting out the goals somewhere other than in my head last year really helped me get it together after that *thing* that happened. I thought it was worth doing again.

  6. LOL, Yes, I’m for serious, or I wouldn’t have offered.
    For some reason, I keep picturing you having a header with a Rosie the Riveter type, wearing a pink shirt. Too literal?

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