Remember this time last year when I magically started receiving that Martha Stewart Living subscription?  I never did figure out where it came from.  I certainly did not pay for it, but nobody ever confessed to sending it to me.  As the end of the year neared, I wondered if the magical Martha Stewart Living subscription would magically be renewed. 

It was not, but I now have a subscription to Best Health. 

Wtf?!  Where are these magazines coming from!

Thanks, whoever you are!

3 thoughts on “?!

  1. That’s awesome. I wonder what my secret magazine fairy would send me if I had one? I guess I will have to settle for my friend Kristy, who always gives me her secondhand issues of Harper’s and National Geographic.

  2. That is too cool!!! I’m dying to know who it is!! And they seem current with what you’re into…come on! FESS UP WHOEVER YOU ARE!!!!!

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