This one looks like Leslie.

I met up for a hot date with Lisa earlier tonight because we had some important shopping to do.  We moved up into a more advanced class on Monday and are joining in the middle of a veil choregraphy that the other girls have already been working on for several weeks.  When you are the girls who don't know what the hell is going on what else is there to do but show up to the next class with a kick-ass veil?

I think we had pretty much decided this together via telepathy during the class but it was confirmed entirely when I looked over at my friend and she exclaimed, "The walking!  It defeats me!"

Which was how I felt too.  I don't know how walking gets so much more complicated when you throw in some arm movements, but it does.

A veil is nothing much really, just a three yard length of floaty, transparent silk.  We hit the Fashion District for our mission and found what we wanted in the very first store: the prettiest duotone silk chiffon in such lovely, vibrant colour combinations.  Lisa unrolled the bolts a little and tested it for "floatiness".  It was perfectly floaty and gorgeous, but it was also over $20 a yard, and we wondered if we really needed $60 veils for practice.  No, we decided and moved on to the next store.

At the next store we gravitated immediately back to the duotone silk chiffon.  A lady took it upon herself to help us and showed us some signficantly cheaper polyester chiffon, which was perfectly fine for our purposes and came in many perfectly awesome colours, but we were simply too smitten with the duotone silk.  It was cheaper at this store, so we just went for it. 

The problem was that it comes in so many cool colours which made it very difficult to pick.  Lisa zeroed in on a colour that embodied her spirit pretty quickly, a deep smokey blue that turns a shimmering bronze with movement.  Honestly, I was getting really annoyed trying to pick out my veil.  I felt drawn to a turquoise, a purple and a bright pink – I was all over the map.  So gestured generally at the selection and said to Lisa, "which one of these colours would you say is me?" and without hesitation her hand fell to a bolt I had not considered.  

It was a bright pinky-orange with a golden sheen.  I took it home, it was too great to be perceived a colour like that not to.

What do you think?

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