Karma. Again.

I have had this post in draft since the weekend, but I think what has happened is that I have now verbally told this story to so many people that I can no longer be bothered to put it into any sort of proper language.   However, I think it is a great story, so I am going to be a bit lame and copy / paste it from an email exchange I had with Ingrid about it.


Leslie: Man, I have a ca-razy story to post that happened on Saturday but I have been so lazy.

Ingrid: Wtf is the story? I’m bored…

Leslie: I went out for lunch and ended up pushing some old lady in a wheelchair home where she then asked me to mop her floor.  Like, are you serious?  Was it not enough to push you home lady?  This woman really misrepresented how far she needed to travel too.  She actually already had somebody pushing her, who she claimed had a dislocated shoulder and was getting too tired.  Later it became apparent that it was, in fact, the woman in the wheelchair who had the dislocated shoulder.  She just thought the other woman was too slow.  Did I mention she started screaming at one point when I kind of lost control of the chair (I got too close to one of those wheelchair slope things on the sidewalk).  Like I am sorry lady, but I do not participate in any wheelchair events to keep myself in shape for wheeling around people who yell, "help me! help me!" at me randomly on the street, and you are a big woman.  Wtf.  If you have just asked a stranger to push you home through the snow and slush, do you really get to be picky about how you are being pushed?  Finally, the slow lady showed up at the apartment, and they got into an argument about how they had forgotten to get Nestle Strawberry Quik.  That is when I got the hell out of there, as I was not prepared to either wheel her back to the store, or volunteer to go get some and bring it back.  I felt I had done my Karmic duty for the day.

Ingrid: OMG!!! What a weird story!!!! I don’t get it…it almost sounds like a set up to rob you or something. Be careful next time!!!! But I have to know…did you mop her floor???

Leslie: I know, that's totally what I thought too and I thought my job would be done when I got her to her door!  But oh no!  And yes, I mopped it!!  Wtf!

Ingrid: Why on earth did you mop her floor????

Leslie: Seriously, I have no idea.  I think I was just so weirded out by the whole thing I was like, "Well, might as well just go ahead and wash this floor then.  Why not?" 

Ingrid: LMAO!!!! Your story sounds like a Canadian movie…they are always a bit odd that way!

4 thoughts on “Karma. Again.

  1. That is freakin hilarious. I went to Cuba this past November and this elderly italian woman, who was there with her own daughter btw, used me for everything. I swear she was in distress everytime I saw her, while her daughter was off drinking on the beach. Once I had to lift her off a couch, another time a lawn chair. I would escort her to a table, help her sit down, things like that. Why do we do these things?

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