Lazy Sundays

002 I've been slowing down my weekends a lot over the last couple of months.  At first I found it difficult to sit still and I would go back to work on Monday thinking about all the things I could have done with my weekend but it has gotten easier not to have such a jammed up calendar.  I'm glad because the result is that I do not feel as run-ragged and burnt out anymore.

Last Sunday I refused to do anything but stay in bed and read.  Eventually I decided to have a shower.  Then I went back to bed.  Andrea told me that was sad, but I disagree.  It was awesome.

This morning I "watched soccer" with The Egyptian.  (He watched soccer on the computer and I watched a documentary about space on National Geographic channel … well I watched it for at least 15 minutes before passing out on his couch.)  Then I came home, read for awhile, had yet another nap, and went for dinner at my parents' place.  My dad drove me home and helped me hang up this cool print* Evan made me and also fixed the horrendous squeak in my door.    

Good day(s).

* the coolness of which is not fully expressed by a photo reflecting the chandelier in my bedroom.

One thought on “Lazy Sundays

  1. I think its an only child thing… the in bed all day sounds wicked… and its football bot soccer 😉
    ps… I hope that print is in the living room, I can think of a place to put it….
    its a wicked print by the way…

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