I guess so.

I immediately heard vaudevillian stage whispers from the back as I entered the church from that side door, the one that spits you out near the pulpit.

"It's Leslie!"


In the back pew my little cousins Taylor, Mackenzie and Hannah are lined up in a semi well-behaved row.  With them is a little girl named Chloe who I had not yet met.

So I go back to say hello to them and sit with them for awhile.  Taylor, like a little mother, asks me if I remembered to bring Kleenex.  I was in the unfortunate position of having to admit that I had not.  Mackenzie asks me to show her how to draw pictures of people.  Hannah tells me about hip-hop dancing.

And Chloe says, "Are you a grown-up?"

Me: Sort of.

What do you think?

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