Superbowl Sunday at Lisa’s

Two minutes on the clock …

Vanessa:  THROW!  THE F*CKING!  BALL! 
Lisa: Well, at least everyone is on the edge of their seats.
Les: Even us.
Lisa: Yes, even us.  And we don't even care.

I don't care a speck about football but I must admit, I do enjoy wondering, "How does that feel Eagles fans?!  Pretty bitter, eh?  You thought you were going to the Superbowl, didn't ya?  Awww, so sad." 

Not that I have anything against Philadelphia (like an ex-husband).  Yay, Pittsburgh!

One thought on “Superbowl Sunday at Lisa’s

  1. I wasn’t all that interested in the Superbowl myself once my team was eliminated. Since Pittsburgh beat Baltimore to go to the Superbowl, I was simply rooting for Arizona so that Pittsburgh wouldn’t win.
    I spent my night catching up on homework, heh.

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