Where I get irrationally pissed off about yogurt

A disturbing thing happened yesterday.  I looked at the nutritional information for the yogurt I always buy and I discovered that it has 7 grams of fat in it.  SEVEN GRAMS.  No wonder this yogurt tastes so good.

I feel like I must have known this years ago and decided to ignore it because I have that issue with dairy and I just needed to choke it down somehow.  I remember hating both milk and yogurt when I started eating it.  Anyway, now I am addicted to this stupid yogurt that is costing me 49 grams of fat a week.  I'm sure there must be something better I could do with 49 grams of fat, like, shed it from my body.  Just a thought.

This isn't like that time I found out that there are 22 grams of fat in a Cadbury Creme Egg or that other time Ingrid calculated that eating a blueberry-white chocolate scone from Starbucks was the equivalent of eating 6 eggs (6 eggs!!).  It is worse!  Much worse!  I do not need to eat a Cadbury Creme Egg or a Starbucks scone.  I have to eat yogurt man, I am calcium and protein deficient!  If I cut it out, I'll end up a hunch-back with no hair!! 

Oh God, fat-free yogurt is the worst thing ever invented.  It is not even edible.  And what kind of weird product is in there that is making it fat-free?  It creeps me out.  The end.

2 thoughts on “Where I get irrationally pissed off about yogurt

  1. What you have to remember is there is good fat and bad fat. Sure, olive oil has like 10+ grams of fat per tablespoon, but look at those European people that are thin and fit and eat olive oil with EVERYTHING. I’d rather use a tbs of olive oil in my cooking then a tbs of any low fat margarine.
    Fat isn’t evil and bad for you, it’s when you’re eating big macs or cookies and cakes that it is. Don’t cut out your yogurt. It’s good fat.

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