Some Sundays

Whirling is a meditation.  Some Sundays, Lisa and I are learning to do this with Roula.  For now, I keep my right hand on my heart as a comfort.  We whirl in silence for fifteen minutes.

2 thoughts on “Some Sundays

  1. I can! We started out spotting on our hands so that something is always in focus while the room goes by in ribbons of colour. Eventually the place to spot on becomes internal at the third eye. Lisa is getting great at spotting on the third eye. I was able to do it for a little bit on Sunday but I started whirling too fast and felt like I was going to go out of control and spin across the room like a top. I guess it’s a long process, hehe. Also, we aren’t tilting our heads yet. The whirling practice has made us super rockstars at doing turns in our dance class though. R called us “my little Sufis” last night, it was cute.

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