She had a broken heart.

"She's dead," Fred said.

"How did it happen?"

"She hanged herself."

Margaret's brother stared straight ahead for a little while.  His eyes were dim.  Nobody said anything.  Fred drew another circle in the dust, and then kicked it away.

"It's for the best," Margaret's brother said, finally.  "Nobody's to blame.  She had a broken heart."

In Watermelon Sugar, Richard Brautigan

One thought on “She had a broken heart.

  1. Who told you love is the Alpha and Omega
    And that you’re heart will lead you to the only one
    It’s a curse, it’s the hammer that will break ya
    It’s a poison hidden in a bonbon
    Don’t you know love is stronger than Jesus
    Don’t you know love can kill anyone
    ` A Camp

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