Knees open easily.

In yoga, I have the ability to sit cross-legged such that my knees reach the floor.  I find most of the hip opening poses pretty easy.  I have very open hips. 

Last night, the instructor, who was a substitute, decided to take us on a guided meditation and asked us to sit cross-legged for it.  She went around the room getting people to prop themselves variously so that they would be able to sit comfortably for an extended period of time with their knees resting on the floor.  When she got to me, it was pretty obvious that I needed no modification to sit this way and she said:

"Hmm, your knees are already down.  You look very comfortable this way.  Oh yes, I know your body type."

My body type.  What did this mean?  I wish I'd asked her, but it wasn't really a good time.  Instead, I had an internal progression that went: 

Your body type –> knees open easily = Complete Slut.

She probably didn't mean that.  But maybe she did.  I don't know, I didn't ask her.

3 thoughts on “Knees open easily.

  1. Or – and here’s an idea – maybe she meant that you’re someone who is naturally flexible – someone for whom yoga is naturally easier.
    Just a thought. 😛

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