Karma, Third Part

Today: 15C and I hadn't done laundry in about a million years.  I was running pretty late so I made the decision to wear this new black dress.  Admittedly, it is a spring/summer dress, however, all I'm saying is, white people in Canada start wearing their shorts at temperatures much colder than 15C.  In my defence, I wore the dress with opague black tights and fancy shoes.  It in no way appeared overly summery.

I meet up with someone for lunch, and she says, "It's not THAT warm" and I'm like, "Whatever dude, I had no clean clothes and it is 15C."  We go outside, where as luck would have it, a gaggle of my co-workers happen to either be congregated or passing by and here's the chorus …

Ohhhh, isn't it NICE out Leslie?!  Wow, it's SUCH a NICE day!  Isn't it WARM?!  teeheehee titter titter

Anyway, now I am pissed.  Even though that's just how it is in the most conservative office on Earth.  And I know that.  So why am I pissed.  But I am. 

So, my lunch date and I head inside to the food court and I'm still feeling the need to defend my stupid dress to her.  It is at this point that a woman comes running up, stops me and says:

"I'm so sorry to bother you, but I just have to tell you – That dress is perfect for you!"

Universe, I owe you one.  You even provided a witness.


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* Oddly, April had a Complimentary Dress Lady run up to her like this last week.  I thought it was really awesome that some lady was running around the Financial District randomly complementing women on their dresses, but we compared notes on our respective CDL's and in fact it's two different ladies.  (Still awesome).

One thought on “Karma, Third Part

  1. Um, you know what im going to say…
    or ask…
    what were they wearing, and how badly would i criticize it…
    I bet they were still wearing thick souled giant tiger boots from 1994… so please, im sure you looked absolutely fabulous…
    oh and next time… just say to yourself
    fuck you… fuck you very much

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