it spirals downward from Ingo

I really like the name Ingo, but I don't think I could ever really name my kid that.  You'd probably have to be Scandinavian to get away with it.

Once I had a little thing that was going to have a name.  Its name was going to be Jacob Carmen.  Jacob for my Dad, and Carmen for Kevin's grandfather.  My Dad is named Phil, but sometimes I call him Jake.  It is unclear why this is.  Family legend.

Or, its name was going to be Lucy.  We just liked it.  Middle name undetermined but with a lean toward Anna, my middle name, so she would have the same initials as me.  Or Abigail.

If you named a little baby but it didn't keep on growing, can you ever really use those names for another?  I still love the name Jacob and I still love the name Lucy but maybe those names belong to that being and that being only.  If one day I called down the street, "Jacob, it's time to come in now!" would I, in the same instant, think of the first being that name belonged to?  Or eventually, would the connection be forgotten, an idea that feels possibly worse than in fact making the connection every time the name is thought or spoken.

These are things I think about, even now.

What do you think?

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