Kapha Dosha

We had the substitute yoga instructor again tonight.  I was stoked because this woman is the best instructor I've ever had.  She really knows a lot about the science and therapeutic applications of yoga practice.  I guess a lot of Western people are just into yoga for the stretch, but I think it's nice to learn some of the other stuff too.  For example, tonight, when she saw me sitting comfortably cross-legged she clarified her comment about my body type from last time

As I cycled home, I wondered what constituted a Kapha body type besides being adept at hip opening exercises.  I started thinking I should pay more attention to Ayerveda on the whole as it would probably improve my health.  But it's such a huge topic, it seems as overwhelming as learning about wine so I never get around to bothering.  Then I go into the liquor store and I think, "Wtf, why have I STILL not learned this shit?!"  I'm pretty sure it's the same.

Anyway, in Ayerveda, there are three doshas (types) present in every living thing.  The other doshas are Vatta and Pitta.  Every person has a balance of all three dosha, but one is always more dominant.  My primary dosha is Kapha (not slutty). 

I found a great list of Kapha characteristics here.  Overall, it's a fairly accurate assessment but two things stand out as very wrong.  1) I'm unlikely to be called "graceful" anytime soon (see: bruises); and 2) while I think I am forgiving and compassionate, I could not be called non-judgmental. Oh well, doshas are a balancing act.   

Of the small amount of reading I did, I liked best this description of the Kapha force itself:

Kapha is the conceptual equilibrium of water and earth. Kapha is structure and lubrication. One can visualize the Kapha force as the stirring force to keep the water and earth from separating. For example, if we take a pot, fill it to the half with water and then add sand to it, the sand will gradually sink to the bottom of the pot. (It separates from the water). The only way to keep the sand in equilibrium with the water is by stirring the mixture continuously. The Kapha force can be visualized as this stirring force in our body.

What do you think?

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