Cutting it out.

Friends, I have made a bold decision.  A decision inspired by my beautiful friend, Theresa. At her baby shower, when I noticed that her hair was looking particularly fine she remarked, "Oh, I just had the last of the dye cut out, finally."  I let that percolate for a few months until I woke up this morning and decided that's it.   I am going to stop dying my hair and let it go natural. 

I'm weary of spending so much money on my hair.  I'm tired of trying to come up with new and exciting ideas for my stupid hair colour.  And to be honest, I'm interested.  What the hell DOES my hair look like?  I have no idea.  I haven't seen my natural hair colour since grade 11.  So now, while I'm keeping my hair pretty short, is the time.  I think, perhaps optimistically, that it will only take a few hair cuts to get down to the real thing.

Who knows what treasures or atrocities will be unearthed in this experiment.  It could all go very badly.  I might have a lot more gray hair than I think I do.  I might go running back to Eric begging him to restore my hair to it's former level of beautiful, beautiful fakeness.  We shall soon see!

3 thoughts on “Cutting it out.

  1. Well, I must warn you that this is the first time I’ve had my natural hair colour since that time in grade 11 when we decided to dye our hair. And well, yeah, there’s a LOT more grey then I thought there would be 😉
    I hate to admit it as I was really looking forward to having au’natural hair – but, as soon as I’m comfortable leaving the little guy for more then 10 minutes, I’m heading out to my stylist to get some highlights put in.
    I forgot that the reason I dyed my hair way back in grade 11 is I hate my natural colour.

  2. Arg! That’s what I was afraid of! I was trying to remember why we did it in the first place and I couldn’t really remember if there was an underlying reason – or if we were just doing teenager stuff. Underlying reason it is!

  3. lmao! Do you both have mousey brown hair or WHAT? Well, Les, like you said…your hair is short so you’ll see soon enough if you like it or not!

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