Trennon thinks this freezer is empty …


… and in truth, when one opens the door and peers in, it does look kind of empty - but there are no less than 16 frozen homemade lunches in there!  I haven't been this nutritionally organized in a long time … EVER.  Cut me some slack, Man!

I broke up with buying my lunch every day a few months ago mostly because I calculated exactly how much money I was blowing on lunches and I nearly had a stroke.  But even before that, I had noticed I was getting sort of sick a lot after eating stuff from the food court.  Even the "healthy" stuff – especially any of the bean and grain salads from Cultures.  Beans and grains are not something I have difficulty digesting so I don't know what the heck is going on there but it really creeped me out. 

Sometimes I will still buy something for lunch, but mostly I bring it.  I enjoy not feeling like ass after eating my lunch and saving money is also a nice perk.  But the best thing about this experiment has actually been that I feel much, much more healthy and I have better workouts at the end of the day.  I probably underestimated not only the fat and calories in the bought lunches but also the chemicals and preservatives.  I love knowing exactly what's in the food I eat now.

One thought on “Trennon thinks this freezer is empty …

  1. Oh God….I wish I could post a comparison picture of OUR freezer so that you could see WHY he thinks yours is empty! Let me put it this way: not only do I have things falling out on me when I open the freezer (and we have 2 other freezers!!!!) but we can’t even put the shelf in the freezer because that takes up too much room, LOL!! In my opinion, Trennon’s comment was a compliment!

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