Apartment Therapy

The Egyptian is out of the country for four weeks.  While I wouldn't exactly say I feel like I need to do anything to "take my mind off" this situation, it does seem like a natural time to set some short-term goals.  Maybe I am full of shit.  Maybe I really DO need to take my mind off of it.  Either way, there are still a lot of projects hanging around related to my move into this apartment and I know I will feel a lot better when they are finally completed.  I've already been living 2 years (on June 1!) already and I don't know how much longer I can realistically milk my sob story.  Sob story or no sob story, it's kind of damn stupid to still have a pile of unpacked boxes piled at the foot of my bed. They're not hidden in a closet or anything.  No, no, they're right out there for all my recent party attendees to see.  It's a pretty good sob story, but I mean, come on now.  2 years

The Tasks

Week One (last week): Actually donate the pile of things set aside to be donated.  I feel bogged down by all my stuff.  I am trying to pare down to essentials and things I really, really love.  I'm not too bad at the paring, once I set my mind to it (much better than a few years ago), but I really suck at moving the stuff OUT of the apartment. My Dad took pity on me and helped me move out the giant pile before the party.

Week Two: I have this ridiculous pile of 4 or 5 blankets on the floor in my bedroom, which again was a huge embarassment when my partygoers decided to wander into my room.  Nosy partygoers!**  It never seemed extremely logical to put them there in the first place, but there you go.  So now I have to wash all the blankets, and put them away.  It's stupid, but this seems like a nearly insurmountable task. [Note: I feel I should clarify that the blankets have not in fact, been on the floor for 2 years.  The blanket pile is not related to the move, but it is totally retarded and driving me mad.]

Week Three:  Most dreaded task!  Put together my old computer and copy useful files to my "new" (2 years old) computer then get rid of the damned thing.  I have not done this because for one, it's a pain in the ass, and for two, I know what is on that computer.  Married stuff.  But it doesn't seem like good form to have that married crap lurking around while trying to move on with someone else. And I need the pictures of my mosaics anyway.  Also, i am tired of stubbing my toe on the giant monitor.  Sooo … it won't be too sucky, right?

Week Four:  Unpack the boxes at the foot of the bed.

Bonus Task:  Clean out a shelf in one of the bedroom closets (for the blankets).

There are more tasks to be taken care of, for example, I just inherited a bunch of really cool kitchen stuff from my Grandma.  This unfortunately means I now need to do a mega purge in the kitchen. It will be tough, since most of the stuff my Dad hauled off to Goodwill was stuff I'd already culled from the kitchen.  And so on.  But I've only just over 2 more weeks to kill, and I think these tasks are going to suck hard enough as it is.  Moving on is a slow, slow process.

** Not just you, Bryony!

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