Billie Jean

When I was little, my Dad used to watch this late-night video show called Good Rockin' Tonight.  It aired pretty late, after I'd gone to bed.  One night, I woke up and stumbed out in the living room and saw the coolest thing I had ever seen: the Billie Jean* video.

Holy crap – a sidewalk that lights up???  My mind was officially blown.  I think after that I was allowed to stay up and watch Good Rockin' Tonight with my Dad, but probably couldn't stay awake most of the time.

Billie Jean is the first music video I can remember seeing, definitely forming some kind of formative moment for me.  It came out when I was 7.  I can't remember what was on it, but the first 45 I remember picking out at a store was Michael Jackson and I had a red vinyl jacket that bore a striking resemblance to MJ's iconic leather jacket.  The guy was a GIANT when I was a kid.  There are a lot of 30ish year old kids my age tending suffering inner 7 year olds right now.

* I could not embed the video because YouTube has disabled embedding on it but follow the link – Billie Jean is still a fucking cool video.

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