A Mile Away

I'd picked up my holds from the library and it was such a great day that I felt like sitting out in the sunshine for a little before finishing up my morning errands.  It wasn't too difficult to find a good spot in the park.  I'd been settled in only a few minutes with my Starbucks and my library book when I heard a small voice behind me say, "That's quite the butterfly you have on your shoulder."

"Oh, heh heh," I managed as I shifted around to take a look at the tiny old lady addressing me, undecided if it was necessary to correct her on the tattoo's subject matter.  I decided it was not.  "Thanks!" 

"And that's a nice outfit too.  I could see it a mile away!  But, it's not too loud!"

I fell a little in love with this tiny woman with tightly-permed hair. The juxtaposition of the phrases, "I could see it a mile away" and "but it's not too loud" really charmed me somehow. 

Only a few minutes prior to finding picnic table in the park, I'd been standing outside the library when a gust of wind lifted the hem of my dress exposing my thankfully-not-bare ass to all of the drivers on Bathurst Street.  Something else I am quite sure could be seen from a mile away. 

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