"Most of the time, we fail to realize the enormous potential of a moment.  Perhaps this is because we think of a moment as a very short amount of time – just a few seconds – and therefore rather neglible.  But the word 'moment' actually comes from a Latin word that means 'a particle sufficient to turn the scales.'  In other words, a moment can be revolutionary.  It can turn your life around.  A moment is, by its very nature, momentous."

I read this in Body & Soul magazine, which was quoting from the book, One-Moment Meditation: Stillness for People on the Go in the context that one doesn't necessarily need 20 minutes daily (the typically recommended baseline) to reap the benefits of meditation.  One simply needs to take advantage of "lost" moments here and there throughout the day.  I actually do not buy into that idea.  A moment of meditation may be better than no mediation at all, but the point of meditation is to quiet the mind for an extended period of time, ie. it is not just about relaxation but about discipline.  However, I do like the idea that a moment is not fleeting, but powerful and revolutionary; "a particle sufficient to turn the scales."  Anything can happen in any moment – you can make it happen.

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