Sorta sad, too.

"… socially speaking, Luluheads* are much like sailors who wear their deck shoes in town-"Oh, what, these? Why, yes, I do happen to own a boat." Tight yoga pants are a nice way of letting people know that you're spiritual and healthy, can pay $20 a class for yoga, and are very flexible."

So true.  It is sort of amazing how Lululemon took a centuries old spiritual practice, for which one literally needs no equipment whatsoever, and turned it into a commercial empire that went public in 2007 - all by making us believe we need $100 yoga pants to have an effective practice.

I love those damned pants, but when I think about it, I feel sad.  Operating this way … it misses the whole fucking point of yoga.  Really misses it. 

* Luluheads: a silly nickname for those who wear Lululemon Athletica (presumably made up by the author of an otherwise enjoyable article, as I could find no real evidence that anybody actually refers to Lululemon customers in this manner).  

What do you think?

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