Apple Picking – 2009 Edition


The Egyptian and I went apple picking on Saturday with the Dininios.  I anticipated this event for weeks with glee.  The Egyptian valiantly tagged along, though with less glee.  “Ethnic people don’t go apple picking,” he teased as we walked into the farm. 

The farm was filled with “ethnic people”.   Including the Chinese father and son who proudly showed us the rabbit they intended to catch from some Stouffville-ian’s front lawn.  Later we saw them inside and, yes, they did have that rabbit in their bag.  It was as if all of Toronto packed up and gone to Stouffville that day.   It was definitely not a Stuff White People Like post.  

And it made sense – it was one of the best days of the entire fall, with a warm sun in a (mostly) cloudless sky.

I made these tarts with our spoils.   Next up: I’m going to make like a pioneer and make jelly.

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