About this time last year, I was getting really sick and tired of Facebook.  I woke up one morning and deactivated my account before I even went to work.  Cold turkey.  I didn’t plan to do it, but I felt GREAT when I did.  Without FaceBook only people I wanted to interact with in my real life had access to me.  I just don’t know that I really need to know that someone I knew in highschool has had a headache for 5,000 straight days in a row.  Guess what?  You have a fucking tumour – go to the doctor.

Eventually, I caved to peer pressure (“It’s just so much easier to invite you to things if you’re on FaceBook,” said my friends, as if e-mail is extremely taxing on them) and went back.  I deleted a bunch of people who were irritating and elected not be much of a “sharer” – and I found it more manageable.  

Not that FaceBook is all bad.  For example, without FaceBook I would never have been reconnected with the Scottish penpal I wrote to in highschool.  She had gotten married, changed her name and moved to the U.S.  I’d looked for her on the internet before but couldn’t find any trace of her.  But thanks to Facebook she found me.  Similarly, I recently was found by an old elementary school classmate.  Her family had taken in my cat when we moved from Dunchurch to Orillia and couldn’t take him with us.  Without Facebook I’d never know that Sprocket lived to the ripe old age of 22 and died a beloved member of the family, still pined over today.

However.   One year later, it may be time to quit FaceBook for good.  See below.

Creepy Guy: Just wanted to say hi; how are things going?

Leslie: Hi CG – I’m not sure that we know each other?!

CG: When I see something I like I go for it.  I got your name from a list, I know it’s a little creepy, but whatever, I needed to do something.  Do you want to meet for a drink?

It’s no anomaly, these creepy dudes I have no friends in common with just writing me up out of the blue.  There are several (several!) other examples, but this is the worst so far.  And I think, it will be the last.  I’ve had it FaceBook.  You’re over.

3 thoughts on “CreepBook

  1. You moved! Oh, if I’d known I’d have offered my help packing, LOL! Funny, I hear about this happening on FB from various other people…but no one I don’t know has EVER attempted to contact me 😦

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