Locve love

Alcohol and drinking is something that’s on my mind a lot now that I am dating someone for whom drinking is religiously uncool.  But, to be fair, alcohol and drinking was a huge issue when I was married too.  I would go so far as to say it was an even bigger issue.  In that case, it was okay for him but not for me and I ended up feeling really shitty a lot of the time.  In comparison, though The Egyptian has a super-legit reason for not drinking, he does not make me feel like an asshole when I do it. 

Mutual respect.  I dig it.

I’m not gonna lie.  I happen to think that alcohol is pretty great.  After all, in a world without alcohol, you’d never get a series of text messages like this*:

Drunbk I. Niss you

Lo I can spell jsut can’t be bothwr

R iu having fiun? Did u like twighloght?

Lol it was. Way mrow wasn’t it!!! Dp u understand the fallijng in love thing??? Mild for me but serious!! $

Huh I love ypou

Locve love

And that friends, would be very sad – very sad indeed.

* From Halloween.  It might be helpful to know that Bryony was popping my Twilight cherry that night.

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