Walking: Not just about walking anymore.

I read this fascinating little smidge the other day:

A woman’s walk correlates with her ability to reach orgasm.  By observing stride length, fluidity of movement, and hip swaying, sexologists were 82 percent accurate in picking out women who could reach vaginal orgasm, according to a study in The Journal of Sex Medicine.  Their tell?  Orgasmic women had “free, unblocked energetic flow from the legs through the pelvis.”*

Ever since I read this, I can’t stop checking out chick’s walks to see if they’re orgasmic.   I wonder if a woman who had a non-orgasmic walk practiced walking with “free, unblocked energetic flow” if she could also, by default, teach herself to orgasm? 

* Shaghaghi, Mina. “Walk This Way”. Psychology Today December 2009: 49-49.

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