However, I’m pretty sure I’m warmer at night.

I’ve tried largely not to be an ex-basher on this blog.  I hope some day all of this will stop burning me so much.  But that day has not arrived as yet, and sometimes it’s pretty hard to hold it in.  So, maybe I’ll just report some facts.  I’ll refrain from comment, and you can draw your own conclusions. 

After defaulting on some mortgage payments and leaving me with surprise additional closing and legal costs on the sale of our Hamilton house, refusing to pay any costs of divorce proceedings (or even sign a separation agreement), stealing $5,000 from the overdraft of our joint account (which I was unable to close to prevent this from happening because of the mothereffing mortgage payments – live and learn, Ladies) and then fleeing the country, here are a few things my good friend has been able to purchase while I repay his debts:

  1. New car
  2. Condo
  3. Digital SLR
  4. Rock Band
  5. MacBook Pro


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